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The Story of WorryWartz was written by Dawn Ann-Marie Hatton
Deep within the forest of "Bumble Brook" there resided the quaint little Village of WorryWartz. You may wonder how the village came to be known as WorryWartz. Well, as legend has it, this quaint little village became a haven for misfit animals who because of their appearance, quirky little habits, or just sheer anxiety always seemed to be worrying. "Worry, worry, worry", you might proclaim of these cute little creatures. Thus, the village became renown as the forest's only village of WorryWartz.....hense the name.
Deep within the underbrush of a neighboring village lived a frog. Or, maybe he was a toad. Nobody quite ever figured it out. You see, he looked like a frog...but he had warts ! Tons of little, bumpy warts! And frog don't have warts!!!
This little frog was a worrier too, but not just your typical worrier. As for himself, he had the confidence of a giant bear, but for all of his friends he was always worried.
One night many years ago, he actually thought he could worry no more. He was worried out! Little frog actually started worrying about how he would have enough time to worry for all his little swamp friends. That night he was attacked by bumps. Little bumpy bumps. He caught a case of the warts.
A few days later the frog noticed that many of the little worries his friends had, had disappeared. All his frog friends seemed so much happier ! And a peculiar trend began to appear. Little frog noticed that he had the exact number of warts as his friends worries. And when a worry would disappear so would one of his warts. "Could this be my purpose in life?" The little frog thought.
All this worrying paid off for little frog. He was happy. He knew he had a magical gift in helping out his fellow village friends. "But what next?" he thought. "If this is my purpose, I need to share it with more! I think it is time to worry for another village!"
But where will he go? Well, as you might have guessed, the nearby village of WorryWartz presented the most obvious solution. It all made sense now for little frog. This is where his new home would be...At least for the time being. So our frog friend packed up all his swampy treasures and set out to help new animals.
So, that brings us to the Village of WorryWartz. Which by the time you are reading this is now worry free. Little frog has found where he belongs and has made bestest friends in a new village with Mister Skunk, Madamn Owl, Lucky Duck, and Mister Turtle.
Little frog's next big journey? Well, from what I heard he wants to help even bigger animals, humans I presume. And I hear he's out to worry for you! So, " DON'T WORRY ANYMORE, YOU'VE JUST BEEN WORRIED FOR!"
We will print the entire book of the adventures of "Bailey" frog on these pages as time permits. But, at least you are aware of the reason for this site. Little frog took the name of his Great Uncle, Judge Bailey frog, who lived near Bailey Barn and the Olde Mill. Upstream from "Bumble Brook" there is the original homestead of the Bailey frogs and, of course "Bailey Brook" which flows into "Bumble Brook".
He, and his cousins, would leap around at "Lea Bailey" which was the meadow near the Olde Mill. Things of great importance, village matters, and such, were discussed at Walby Hamlet in Glenshire.
There are many wonderful and joyful places in the forest. There is a place of great mystery though. It is the forest within the forest. I shall not even mention the name yet. No, not until much later !
There is a rock with figures not known to the creatures of the forest. Upon it is the inscription " Y Cwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd".
I shall end this for now. In the meantime, remember there is no need for you to worry because YBWF !!
Dawn Ann-Marie Hatton
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