This is "Walby Hamlet", in the Great Glenshire. This is where all matters of importance are discussed. It is here that Judge Bailey presides.It is the "Meeting Place" of the "Outer Forest."
Judge Bailey is the Great Uncle of Bailey Frog. 
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"Lea Bailey" looking from "Bailey Barn"
Lea Bailey is where Bailey Brook and Bumble flow into Tibberton Pond and where the Bailey frogs have lived for a very long time.
It is the meadow near the pond in back of the fence.
The Story of the
Mister Turtle at Tump Bridge under which "Bumble Brook" flows. This is the bridge that crosses over to "Dene Forest." An ancient bridge of stone and timber.
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Near the Inner Forest...more to come
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The wonderful place of "Joy's Green."
This is where most of the social affairs are held. Beyond the stone bridge there is a great wonderful green meadow. This is a scene at dusk.
Bumble Brook, near Joy's Green.
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